Saturday, August 15, 2009

Announcing the arrival of Sophie

Princess Sophie was born on the 9th of August 2009.

Birth story
On 08 August, Saturday, we went for our last appointment with the gyne expecting to deliver on 12 August, Wednesday. However the check up showed that my blood pressure was too high and there was too much protein in my urine. The only way to bring it down was to deliver the baby. But when the gyne suggested to do it on the same day,I totally freaked out coz I felt so unprepared! So bargained to wait till the next day. Thankfully the results from the blood test showed that I could still delay for one more day. And so the waiting begins...

I had to be admitted into the hospital for observation on the same day and every now and then the nurses will take my blood pressure and temperature. The operation was scheduled at 11am so all the waiting gave me time to prepare myself mentally for Sophie while Alexis went home to get my bag. Had my dinner and then fasted for the op tomorrow. Despite being very nervous initially, I managed to have a good sleep. After all it may be the last of my good nights when Sophie is here.

The next morning, I was all ready and excited. I'm finally going to see my dear daughter whom I've been carrying for the past 37 and half weeks. I was wheeled into the operating theater and given an injection to my spine to keep my lower body numb for the operation so that Alexis could be beside me to witness the birth of Sophie.

In less then half an hour,Sophie was delivered at 11:23am.

Happy parents with baby Sophie

Sleeping so peacefully

And so the story of Sophie Tay Jiaxuan begins...

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