Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Sophie today you turn two. It's an age where you're no longer a baby although I still call you that at times. It's also an age that most parents dread as the twos have been given a bad name, often associated tantrum throwing, fighting for your independence amongst other things and hence the term "terrible twos". We'll try to reframe our mindset and call them the terrific twos and hope that you'll live up to it!

Here's a list with nuggets of memories of how you are at two.

  1. Your favorite color is purple despite mummy's constant bombardment of all things pink in your wardrobe from dresses, socks, shoes, etc...
  2. Your vocabulary is expanding and you're getting more vocal day by day. And just because you add a "please" loudly in your sentence, you assume you'll get whatever you want.
  3. You are like a cat before bed time when you insist on scratching me before you sleep. You can't even be fooled when I replace my arm with the bolster.
  4. You may look chor lor but really you're a real princess at heart and can't walk barefooted on grass and especially sand.
  5. Your favorite cartoon character evolved from Winnie, to Barney, to Elmo and the latest craze is all things Mickey. I couldn't keep up that's why you had an Elmo cake.
  6. You’re learning to count but always miss the number “5”when counting from 1-10.
  7. I wish that potty time (more specifically poo poo time) will soon be an easier time for you and me!
  8. You’re an avid reader and likes all books as long as there are stories of animals in them.
  9. You may only be two but you’re so thoughtful when you tell me we have to save the fruits for Daddy who’s driving and cant snack at the back of the car with us
  10. Last but not the least, you're the sweetest, funniest, cutest, cuddliest toddler who has attitude with a personality to boot! And I pray that you'll grow in confidence and bring joy and laughter to all those who around you!

Happy Birthday my National Day Darling!

Friday, July 29, 2011

My do, my do

Sophie is turning 2 in about 1 week's time! Just a year ago, she just learnt how to walk and now she's running and jumping all over the place. While we're excited that she's reaching another milestone with another birthday, we're hoping that we can by pass the terrible two stage that has already began to rear it's head in the form of nasty tantrums as she displays her independence.

Of course she does have her very cute moments too. Have I ever mentioned how good she is at "acting"? Like the other day when Alexis told her she can only have one tissue. She understood it and then kept hinting that the table was wet and went on and on, until Daddy finally told her that she can have another tissue. And of course how she tries to fake a cry just so, she can be carried. Or how she always misses her "5" when counting from 1 to 10?

But we're most amazed at her language and speech development which I believe is a result from attending a playgroup. Just a few days ago, I asked her if her milk was too hot, she replied, "No mama, it's warm". It wasn't even not hot, but warm. Power vocabulary or what? (That just sounds like terrible Singlish).

And after I came back from Bangkok with all kinds of present for her, she was so pleased with her new Hello Kitty school bag and she proudly told her teacher, "Mama bought me new bag". Past tense okay, Bought not buy. Don't play play!

But of course these are just a few of her power England. Most days it's
  • "Mama carry you, Mama feed you"- when it should be me
  • " My do, my do, - when it should be I do

It's also great that she enjoys reading so we'll make a trip to the National Library at least once a month for her to pick out the books she want. Of course at times, we also pick out cool books like these and have some fun at home.

And yes she's likes her parrot now, always mimicking us when we talk so we really have to watch what we say in front of her.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day Justin Bieber saved the day

I never thought I would have to "negotiate" with my 23 month old toddler. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong.

Today she insisted on bringing her tricycle downstairs when I told her that I have to grab some groceries from the provision shop downstairs. She relented only after I promised that we'll bring her out to the playground wearing her Mickey Mouse t-shirt later in the afternoon.

When it was time for nap, she had a bagful of trick up her sleeves. First, she insisted that Daddy and Mama slept in the room with her. Then after Daddy excused himself, she tricked me that she needed to "shee shee", and then it progressed to "poo poo" and made face like she was in pain. Since she was willing to sit on the potty, I let her out of the bedroom only to find that she was only interested in running to the living room to play.

After we peeled her off from her toys, we told her that as a weekend treat she could sleep on our bed but that didn't keep her in bed for more than 3 minutes before jumped and climbed on our bed and then exclaimed "poo poo" again. But we anticipated that from her and pulled out the potty that was already in our room. That made her angry, very angry and she kept pointing to the bedroom and shouted "outside, outside".

By then it was already 3 plus in the afternoon. I was so tired and relented so out of the bedroom she went and I left them to their own device while I try to catch a wink.

They both ended up not sleeping at all but at least she made herself useful by helping Daddy with the laundry. So by 4:30, we decided to not let the weekend go to waste and packed up to head for MacRitchie.

3 minutes in the car and she fell asleep.

Since she was sleeping, we changed our plans and drove to East Coast instead. Half way there, it rained and then poured... So all plans to cycle got scrapped and we ended up at Parkway.

Anyway to cut the long story short, she was a brat at dinner time and refused to sit on the high chair and told me she was tired and wanted to sleep on my shoulders. Which of course was far from the truth... By then I begin to feel eyes from the people sitting around us who must be thinking that I cant even take my daughter in my own hands.

And then she needed to poo, which in these days is accompanied by a lot of crying, screaming of "I don't want" and kicking and shoving. So to save ourselves from more embarrassment, I carried her to the toilet. But shit didn't happen...

Thank God Alexis saw my look of exasperation after we returned form the toilet and offered to take over since she didn't look the least interest in finishing her dinner. After they left, I could only slump my face into my palms and take a deep breath....

And then I heard the music playing, ....
Baby, Baby, Baby ohhh, like
Baby, Baby, Baby, no....

Then I remembered how adorable Sophie is when I taught her to sing the chorus of this song and slowly the frustration I felt melted away with the song. This has indeed been a less than perfect day but being angry will not make it better too. Alexis knew it too well when he came back with her and told me, don't get angry with her....

And yes I didn't stay angry with her anymore too.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sophie at 22 months

In another 1 month, Sophie will turn 2! How did the little babe that I brought home from the hospital grow up so fast.

I'm enjoy her toddler stage now as she's so chatty and so much fun! In fact she's able to form sentences and is able to pronounce her words clearly to get her point across. And I think the school has done at great job at encouraging her to read. Just the other day, she wanted me to read a book at her that she went, Read book mama, read book mama, like a broken record. I was so amused and teased her by saying no reading Sophie, no reading Sophie and she just roared out laughing.

She's also discovering what humor is and is starting to say funny things to tickle us.

What my colleague said is very true about having a good age gap between kids so that you enjoy the first one in their "prime" before you get busy with a new baby. And no, I'm not pregnant though we are starting to think about having a second one before age catches up.

But for now, we're definitely enjoying every bit of Sophie.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend with an active tot

Sophie's blog has been growing cobwebs after I started my new blog at ajugglingmom. So while I keep ajugglingmom to all things related to mummy affairs, I've decided to keep blogging about my dear girl in this blog that is dedicated to her.

These days it's hard to keep Sophie occupied at home during the weekends. She's in the phase where I call it "non-stop action". If it's not the good action, eg running around the house, climbing up on the sofa, it's the drama that we have to deal with, the whining, screaming "I don't want" like a broken record which can drive even the coolest parents bonkers after a while.

So Alexis and I decided that on either Saturday or Sunday, we'll take her outdoors and get her to release all these pent up energy she has. So it was off to the East Coast Park for us.

It's been a long time since Sophie went cycling with us and I did worry if she will enjoy it as much as she did the last time. But my worries were unfounded as she got buckled up and was all ready to go.

And I must add it was a very good call made by Alexis since I was the party pooper earlier as I announced that the weather forecast predicted rain in the late afternoon. Which to my defense is really of no fault of mine.

Although cycling is a passive activity for Sophie, she did get to people watch, dog watch and nature watch as she took in the many sights at the beach. I think her mood was also generally better when she's outside which is a good thing for the tired parents.

Sophie in a very awkward pose

So mummy here has planned a very packed weekend for the whole of June from catching Sesame Street, to picnics and Sentosa (a first for Sophie!). I sure hope she enjoys the weekends ahead!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pony tail beauty

I was surprised to find Sophie's hair tied up in a pony tail when she came home from school one day. Since then she's allowed me to play with her hair like how I imagined I would when I have a little princess of my own.

These days she never leaves home without reminding mummy to put on a hair clip for her.

My little pony tail beauty

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Demanding Toddler

With 4 months to go before Sophie's 2nd birthday, I'm already dreading having to confront her terrible two tantrums that's rearing it's head. Some months ago, I decided that I'll have a more positive attitude and look forward to her independent ways when she turns 2. After all life should be easier when she learns how to feed herself, express herself with words, use the potty, etc.

While she's done a great job at feeding herself, no less from the sheer motivation of food, she's become very demanding of late. Her latest chant- "I want, I want." With her ability to communicate with us, it also comes with an expectation that things must be done and given to her quickly, immediately, NOW!

L: Not wanting to hear "No" for an answer when told she can't have calamari R: Still angry because she got fries instead of calamari

In a better mood after she gets more fries from Daddy

Just the other day, she demanded to have her snacks that I was packing for her school. When I flatly refused, her tears started flowing freely, leaving me to wonder just where did this little drama queen learn that from? Thankfully, it's still relatively easy to get her distracted now but I can only imagine things will get better worse from now.

But meanwhile, I shall remember that all this is part of her growing up. Her independence doesn't mean she's deliberately being wilful or naughty. After all, she's starting to realize that she's a serperate person from us and is exercising a mind of her own, something which I've to accept and not loathe. And my job as her mom is set the boundaries for her so that she don't hurt heself as she flex her indepenance muscles. And remember to face each tantrum with a deep breathe, a cool and level head and perhaps a sense of humor too.