Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sophie at 22 months

In another 1 month, Sophie will turn 2! How did the little babe that I brought home from the hospital grow up so fast.

I'm enjoy her toddler stage now as she's so chatty and so much fun! In fact she's able to form sentences and is able to pronounce her words clearly to get her point across. And I think the school has done at great job at encouraging her to read. Just the other day, she wanted me to read a book at her that she went, Read book mama, read book mama, like a broken record. I was so amused and teased her by saying no reading Sophie, no reading Sophie and she just roared out laughing.

She's also discovering what humor is and is starting to say funny things to tickle us.

What my colleague said is very true about having a good age gap between kids so that you enjoy the first one in their "prime" before you get busy with a new baby. And no, I'm not pregnant though we are starting to think about having a second one before age catches up.

But for now, we're definitely enjoying every bit of Sophie.

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