Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend with an active tot

Sophie's blog has been growing cobwebs after I started my new blog at ajugglingmom. So while I keep ajugglingmom to all things related to mummy affairs, I've decided to keep blogging about my dear girl in this blog that is dedicated to her.

These days it's hard to keep Sophie occupied at home during the weekends. She's in the phase where I call it "non-stop action". If it's not the good action, eg running around the house, climbing up on the sofa, it's the drama that we have to deal with, the whining, screaming "I don't want" like a broken record which can drive even the coolest parents bonkers after a while.

So Alexis and I decided that on either Saturday or Sunday, we'll take her outdoors and get her to release all these pent up energy she has. So it was off to the East Coast Park for us.

It's been a long time since Sophie went cycling with us and I did worry if she will enjoy it as much as she did the last time. But my worries were unfounded as she got buckled up and was all ready to go.

And I must add it was a very good call made by Alexis since I was the party pooper earlier as I announced that the weather forecast predicted rain in the late afternoon. Which to my defense is really of no fault of mine.

Although cycling is a passive activity for Sophie, she did get to people watch, dog watch and nature watch as she took in the many sights at the beach. I think her mood was also generally better when she's outside which is a good thing for the tired parents.

Sophie in a very awkward pose

So mummy here has planned a very packed weekend for the whole of June from catching Sesame Street, to picnics and Sentosa (a first for Sophie!). I sure hope she enjoys the weekends ahead!

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