Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Sophie today you turn two. It's an age where you're no longer a baby although I still call you that at times. It's also an age that most parents dread as the twos have been given a bad name, often associated tantrum throwing, fighting for your independence amongst other things and hence the term "terrible twos". We'll try to reframe our mindset and call them the terrific twos and hope that you'll live up to it!

Here's a list with nuggets of memories of how you are at two.

  1. Your favorite color is purple despite mummy's constant bombardment of all things pink in your wardrobe from dresses, socks, shoes, etc...
  2. Your vocabulary is expanding and you're getting more vocal day by day. And just because you add a "please" loudly in your sentence, you assume you'll get whatever you want.
  3. You are like a cat before bed time when you insist on scratching me before you sleep. You can't even be fooled when I replace my arm with the bolster.
  4. You may look chor lor but really you're a real princess at heart and can't walk barefooted on grass and especially sand.
  5. Your favorite cartoon character evolved from Winnie, to Barney, to Elmo and the latest craze is all things Mickey. I couldn't keep up that's why you had an Elmo cake.
  6. You’re learning to count but always miss the number “5”when counting from 1-10.
  7. I wish that potty time (more specifically poo poo time) will soon be an easier time for you and me!
  8. You’re an avid reader and likes all books as long as there are stories of animals in them.
  9. You may only be two but you’re so thoughtful when you tell me we have to save the fruits for Daddy who’s driving and cant snack at the back of the car with us
  10. Last but not the least, you're the sweetest, funniest, cutest, cuddliest toddler who has attitude with a personality to boot! And I pray that you'll grow in confidence and bring joy and laughter to all those who around you!

Happy Birthday my National Day Darling!

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