Friday, July 29, 2011

My do, my do

Sophie is turning 2 in about 1 week's time! Just a year ago, she just learnt how to walk and now she's running and jumping all over the place. While we're excited that she's reaching another milestone with another birthday, we're hoping that we can by pass the terrible two stage that has already began to rear it's head in the form of nasty tantrums as she displays her independence.

Of course she does have her very cute moments too. Have I ever mentioned how good she is at "acting"? Like the other day when Alexis told her she can only have one tissue. She understood it and then kept hinting that the table was wet and went on and on, until Daddy finally told her that she can have another tissue. And of course how she tries to fake a cry just so, she can be carried. Or how she always misses her "5" when counting from 1 to 10?

But we're most amazed at her language and speech development which I believe is a result from attending a playgroup. Just a few days ago, I asked her if her milk was too hot, she replied, "No mama, it's warm". It wasn't even not hot, but warm. Power vocabulary or what? (That just sounds like terrible Singlish).

And after I came back from Bangkok with all kinds of present for her, she was so pleased with her new Hello Kitty school bag and she proudly told her teacher, "Mama bought me new bag". Past tense okay, Bought not buy. Don't play play!

But of course these are just a few of her power England. Most days it's
  • "Mama carry you, Mama feed you"- when it should be me
  • " My do, my do, - when it should be I do

It's also great that she enjoys reading so we'll make a trip to the National Library at least once a month for her to pick out the books she want. Of course at times, we also pick out cool books like these and have some fun at home.

And yes she's likes her parrot now, always mimicking us when we talk so we really have to watch what we say in front of her.

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