Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Demanding Toddler

With 4 months to go before Sophie's 2nd birthday, I'm already dreading having to confront her terrible two tantrums that's rearing it's head. Some months ago, I decided that I'll have a more positive attitude and look forward to her independent ways when she turns 2. After all life should be easier when she learns how to feed herself, express herself with words, use the potty, etc.

While she's done a great job at feeding herself, no less from the sheer motivation of food, she's become very demanding of late. Her latest chant- "I want, I want." With her ability to communicate with us, it also comes with an expectation that things must be done and given to her quickly, immediately, NOW!

L: Not wanting to hear "No" for an answer when told she can't have calamari R: Still angry because she got fries instead of calamari

In a better mood after she gets more fries from Daddy

Just the other day, she demanded to have her snacks that I was packing for her school. When I flatly refused, her tears started flowing freely, leaving me to wonder just where did this little drama queen learn that from? Thankfully, it's still relatively easy to get her distracted now but I can only imagine things will get better worse from now.

But meanwhile, I shall remember that all this is part of her growing up. Her independence doesn't mean she's deliberately being wilful or naughty. After all, she's starting to realize that she's a serperate person from us and is exercising a mind of her own, something which I've to accept and not loathe. And my job as her mom is set the boundaries for her so that she don't hurt heself as she flex her indepenance muscles. And remember to face each tantrum with a deep breathe, a cool and level head and perhaps a sense of humor too.

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