Friday, January 8, 2010

Sophie turns 5 months!

9 Jan 2010

Sophie turns 5 months today.
Another month before she's 6 months.
Another 7 months before she's one.

Yesterday when I sat her down in her car seat, she seemed to be able to fill out the cushion in the car seat. How quickly she has grown from this tiny baby who only weighed 2.46g when she's born. I reckon she's already 6+ kg now. We'll know when we bring her for the next doctor's appointment next week.

Sophie is making good progress!

Things Sophie can do now at 5 months:

- touch/grab her toes, especially her right toes.

According to the teachers at the infant care, they've seen her suck her toes once or twice too. That explains why her socks are sometimes wet. But mummy has yet to witness it. You know what the old folks say about baby sucking their toes? That another baby is on the way! Nah, but doubt that :P

Sophie looking "stunned" here

- sit upright in the Bumbo

Thanks to Owen gor gor who lent Sophie his bumbo chair, she can now sit in her favorite chair and survey her surroundings instead of lying on her playmat and stare at the ceiling. Her neck's getting stronger too so she can sit unsupported. I think very soon, she'll be able to sit up on her own too.

Now mummy's waiting for Sophie to learn how to flip. She's slowly showing signs of flipping by arching her body, especially when she's in a foul mood and when she's on the changing mat. I suspect she'll surprise herself when she does flip one day. Hehe.

Sophie has been more quiet these days. No blabbing or complaining. I've been drumming into her to call Mummy and Daddy. But all I get in return is just a huge grin. Perhaps this is her way of acknowledgment that she does know who are her parents. And for that I shall be contented, my little baby.

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