Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who will Sophie look like?

This is the scan of Sophie taken at 32 weeks. According to the gyne, she's growing well... growing very very well. Haha. She already weighs 1.8kg which is a tad too big. Hmm I think she should be fine. But unfortunately the mummy is also gaining too much weight too. 3 kgs from the last visit :P *faints* So I gotta watch my weight more carefully from now on.
Have selected the date for Sophie's birthday, 12 August 2009. No special reason. Just that the gyne said the earliest I can deliver Sophie is on 11 August but I prefer if its a even number date.
  • 13 August, nah.
  • 14 August, nah. Mom being a Cantonese was like don't choose "14".
Anyway personally, the earlier the better coz I cant wait to see her.

Today Sophie was sleeping when the gyne did the scan. Then she opened her mouth to swallow the amniotic fluid. So cute! Haha. She has already turned downwards and her legs are sticking up at my ribs. That explains why I get kicked so hard in the ribs, especially in the night. She sure is fighting for space now as she grows bigger by bigger by the day.

Oh and the reason for the title of this blog is because I think Sophie's gonna look like Daddy. Check out the lips from the picture!

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