Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The weekly class that traumatize the Daddy

Once a week, we'll attend the a class that leaves Alexis feeling very uncomfortable... You see it's our prenatal class where the mystery of how babies are delivered are revealed with no holds bar.

Last week, there was a video on the different pain relief administered before delivery and he squirmed at the thought of having a thick needle up one's spine when it came to epidural. I can only turn around and tell him, "Be thankful you don't have to go through it."

This week, the lecturer pushed his threshold by showing us videos of the delivery process. You can imagine the faces of the dads and moms alike. All not quite prepared of what may come. While there's no denying that all the mothers had nothing but pure joy on their faces the moment they see their babies emerge into the world, it was also very very painful to watch them as they huffed and puffed during labor. Shall not go into the gory details..

I get mixed feelings if I should be thankful that I have to deliver Sophie via C-section. In some way, I don't get to experience birth pains that almost 85% of moms go through. But on the other hand, I rather be knocked out and not know what happened to me and just be greeted by baby when it's time.

Alexis had a funny thought to ask the gyne if we can go into the operating theater watching an episode of Heros or some show on his hp while she does her job to keep my mind off what goes behind the screen. I have a feeling she may laugh at my ridiculous question...

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