Thursday, September 3, 2009

The things that Sophie does

Sophie's turning one month this Sunday. And to celebrate the happy occasion, we're throwing her a baby shower.

At 3 weeks plus, she's already developed quite a character and does some really funny things.

1. There's the Houdini act that she does when she struggles out of even when she's tightly swaddled. Don't estimate the strength she has a a little baby. Despite looking all tiny and frail, she sure is capable of kicking up a fuss when she wails.

2. For some strange reason, she likes to stick out her tongue. And this often gets mistaken that she's hungry and worse greedy like mummy. *Gasp the horror* But whatever it is, it sure is not a pretty sight for such a sweet little girl like her. Hopes she stops doing that soon.

3. And besides sticking out her tongue, she also likes to play with her saliva forming bubbles in her mouth. Especially so when she's given the pacifier, which I've only tired once coz I suspect she was only being "sucky".

4. Sophie has some of the most classic expressions. One moment, she can scrunch up her face and turn all red like she's about to burst into tears, the next moment she just relaxes and gives a huge yawn instead. When she's feeding, she can sometimes smile and that sight really melts my heart, like it's all worth it.

5. And to most amusing thing about my little Sophie is that she shits damn loud! When we were at the pediatrician last week, she shat so loud that the receptionist pointed me to the changing room so that we could change her out of her soiled diapers. How embarrassing... for the mummy. Gotta teach the little lady some manner soon.

So that's my little darling for you.

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