Monday, September 14, 2009

Sophie's 5 weeks old

Dear Sophie is now 5 weeks old...seems like a long long way to go.

Sophie is starting to get more responsive now. Her eyes will follow you when you talk to her and she sometimes breaks into a smile when she's entertained like when someone's playing with her. It's a really cute sight.

But there are days like last night when she simply refused to sleep. Tried everything from feeding her to cuddling her, carrying her and rocking her, changing her diapers but cant stop her crying each time we lay her on her cot... Poor Daddy ended up being so tired that he had to retreat so that he could catch some sleep. She finally gave in and slept through the night after her milk.

But I figured it may be because of the food that I ate outside yesterday. After all I've been used to having nutritious home cooked meals for one whole month. Yesterday ate out and even had KFC spicy wings, which may have given Sophie an upset tummy too.

So I got to be more careful with that I eat now, especially since I'm breastfeeding her. Yet another sacrifice that Mummy has to make for dear Sophie.

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