Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mummy and her new friends

Mummy made some new friends from the Singapore Motherhood forum and she brought me out to meet her new friends and other babies born in the month of August like me on the 1st of Oct.

As usual I was fast asleep...

Mummy was quite brave since this was the first time she has gone out alone with me. All thanks to the sling that made it possible for her to be so mobile. Even Daddy has learnt how to use the sling now.

Still sleeping...Zzzz

Mummy with other fellow mummies

Mummy was the envy of other mummies as I was fast alseep and did not fuss or cry like other babies who needed to be fed, changes, walked,etc. But little did they know that I was a naughty girl later that evening when I didn't sleep in the night...Mummy hopes that I can be a good girl both outside and at home too so that I can truly be an angel baby.

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