Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 10

Recently Sophie has been charming everyone with her smiles. Occassionally she'll break into laughter when we sing or make silly sounds at her. I think the little one is very entertained that she's got all these adults wrapped around her little finger.

Sophie and her ipod!

We've got quite a few things around the house to keep her up during her activity time. One of them is her play mat. It has toys that dangle above her so that she can look at them and slowly encourage her to reach out to touch them with her hands. So far, this has not happened yet. But I noticed that she likes 2 of the toys, one is a bunny that I call Mr Rabbit and the other... I call it a red heart that squeaks when you press it.

So everyday I lay her down on the mat and play with her. Sometimes she gets her tummy time on it too. But I think she's not a fan of tummy time as she looks so uncomfortable there. Nevertheless, it's good for training her to lift her head.

The little one has also started to babble back at you when we talk to her. Her Ohhs and Ahhs are still random but I like to think that she wants to be included in our conversations... I wonder what will be her first word. Will it be Mama or Papa?

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