Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toys Galore for baby Sophie

For 2 month old Sophie, these are the things that she'll learn to play with...
  • She kicks and waves her arms when she is excited. This uses the same movement as stepping. It is easier to lift heavy legs when lying flat.
  • She smiles directly at people and expects to be given her turn in "conversations."
  • She can learn that one event follows another.
  • She learns to make things happen.
  • She can locate a sound in front of her, but not one behind; she turns to the correct side if she hears a sound, but cannot locate it.

Today Daddy applied for half day leave to accompany Mummy to buy toys for Sophie. There was this Mattel warehouse sales and they came home with many good buys.

Laugh & Learn™ Learning Music Player™
Laugh & Learn Learning Toolbench
Little Superstar 2-in-1 Singing Band Walker
Fisher-Price Open Top Take-Along Swing

Daddy thinks that the swing is the best buy because he can leave me in here when I get fussy. $60 very well spent! Total Damage today: $190 :P

Mummy shall look out for the next sale to buy me more toys! Daddy and Mummy are the best :)

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