Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Routine

Before Sophie was born, we have decided that we don't want to have our lives run by our little one and concluded that having a routine will be best for everyone. So we poured through books by authors like Gina Ford, Tracy Hogg who are advocates of implementing routines for babies.

However we didn't stick to the plan the day we got home as we had a confinement nanny around. She is of the opinion that babies should sleep as much as they can as they need it for their development. But Sophie was an extremely sleepy baby who slept more than the regular baby. And also her feeding was pretty much on demand basis, though she was drinking well and her weight gain was on track.

Sophie managed to sleep thru the night by the 2nd month, waking mostly around 5,6 ish. But one bad thing was her sleep association, always had to be carried, rocked..etc. Initially we thought it could be colicky. But on hind sight, it didn'e seem to be so decided to implement a routine, hoping that it can change some of her sleep associations.

Day one of the Routine - 12/10 (Monday)
7:15- Surprise, surprise Sophie managed to wake up at 7:15 as scheduled. After taking her milk and getting her diapers changed, I kept her busy on her playmat and played music for her on her new toy.
8:30- Put to sleep on her cot
10:00- Baby up by 10:05 and drank her milk, followed by a bath at 1035
11:15- Drank milk and slept again at 11:25
2:00- Long nap of almost one and half hours and woke up to drink milk, followed by play time
3:00 - Getting sleepy and slept at 3:30. But up after 15 mins
4:25- Feeding time then went for a stroll
6:05- Started to get fussy so fed put down to sleep at 6:35. Then the sleep battle began with crying... finally slinged her to sleep at 8:45
8:50- Woke up for milk shortly with a top-up of expressed breast milk
9:30- Back to lalaland
12:35am- First attempt at a dream feed and it was a success! Sophie drank 70ml and hit the sack immediately after that.

Best thing? She lasted till 6am for milk the next day. I'm so proud of her :)

Verdict at the end of Day one?
She went down pretty okay for the day naps and only started fussing at the night. Which is very common. So all in all, not bad I would say.

Shall continue and see what happens tomorrow.

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