Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sophie's new trick

Sophie has learnt a new trick yesterday- sucking her fist!

We noticed that she has a tendency to suck and will sometimes suck my shoulder or arm when I carry her so we decided offered her the pacifier. After all, I don't think a sweaty shoulder or arm taste very nice. She didn't take to it at first and so we "help" her suck her fist but bringing it to her mouth. But since she didn't have control over her hands, we'll sometimes alternate between her fist and pacifier to get her sucking motion going. So that's how the pacifier slowly worked .

Yesterday, I realised she was able to aim her fist at her mouth and was sucking very hard on it and she seemed to be enjoying it very much. She started with right fist and now can suck on the left one too.
Last night when she woke up in her cot in the middle of the night, I could hear her happily sucking on her fist. It's certainly a very funny sight that you can witness from the video and I'm glad she dun have to rely on us to pop the pacifier in for her anymore and can self soothe herself back to sleep now. Yet another milestone for Sophie.

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