Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Mummy's nick name for me is Sleeping Beauty because I'm sleeping most of the time. Unlike other babies that likes to wake up to play, I prefer to sleep. Sleeping even beats drinking milk and I'll sometimes fall asleep half way drinking mik.

Mummy used to think it's because I'm slightly premature being born in the 37th week. But she has found out that other babies born in the 37th week can be very awake and alert. Conclusion, I think I take after my Daddy in this aspect.

I especially like to sleep when I'm out with Daddy and Mummy. Not that Mummy minds cos it leaves her with time to go shopping :) The only downside is once I realise I'm hungry, I want my milk NOW!

But recently I'm learning to be more awake because I'm growing day and day and want to explore and see more of this world that I'm born in. So let me enjoy more of my sleep first...Zzzzz

My many poses when I sleep

Sleeping on my side

All sprawled out

Sleeping on Daddy's tummy

My pose stylio or not?

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