Monday, November 9, 2009

Sophie turns 3 months

It's fast how baby Sophie is growing. Hubby and I were reminiscing the times when she was still a new born. And almost a blink of an eye she has turned 3 months this week. How I will miss her development when I return to work next month.

New things that she's doing now
1. Talking- Well not exactly in the language that we speak but in her own baby language. In her Ohhs and Ahhs and Urrss... She loves to talk especially to her cot mobile friends. You can see how excited she gets too. I never get bored listening to her though I don't understand a word she says. She likes to be involved in our conversations now and will respond when we speak animatedly to her. And she also has different voices when she whines and complains too.

2. Pulling her shirt/ shorts- her sense of touch is improving and can hold things in her hands. Not sure if this is done consciously or just by fluke. But sometimes she catches her soiled diaper when I change her and will kena scolding from mummy.

3. Learning to sleep on her own for day and night-When she was about 6 weeks, she started to get very colicky and would cry for hours on end especially during the evenings. Now that she's turned 3 months, or the magical month, that has improved a lot and so has her sleeping. She used to sleep for as little as 10-15 mins for a nap, but this has slowly lengthened now. So hopefully as she grows older, it will length to the ideal 1 and a half hour. That would be no doubt useful especially when I get back to work and have to do the housework on my own next time.

Not much flipping going on yet, so perhaps she's developing in areas that women are better at, communication skills aka talking! Haha.

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