Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mummy's pride

A mother's pride in the simple things that Sophie does

- Being a brave girl when she took her jabs at 3 months plus a jab for pneumococcal both on the same day on both thighs. She cried after the first one and stopped in less then a minute and when the 2nd one came down she cried and stopped after a while. Even the nurse was surprised by her. Mummy comforted her by nursing her and she was even okay to go shopping after that.

- Being able to sleep thru the night by week 12. Maybe other babies learnt this earlier but my dear baby Sophie is also sleeping through the night sooner than most other babies. Sure there are days when she wakes up in the middle of the night. But usually she's able to go straight to bed after feeding her too. Cant say how thankful this mummy is for more beauty sleep.

- Being able to sleep on her own .... most of the time. I used to complain that she sleeps too much, then too little (no thanks to the renovation works going on in my block). And now she can go to sleep pretty much unassisted. Of course there are days when she still needs a pat or a hug on a bad day. But thankfully these days are not so common now.

- Sophie's also a good girl when she's out with Daddy and Mummy. Well most of the time she's sleeping in her pram so save us from being too pre-occupied when mummy zips from shop to shop enjoying her retail therapy. If she cries, it's usually coz she's hungry. But when she's out,she can easily last for 4 to 5 hours! Like last Friday when she took almost 5 hours of nap in the day! Well we knew it will be a long night and she only slept at 1plus am.

- Sophie is getting more and more responsive now at 3 months. This little one is charming everyone with her smiles and her coos. She loves it when she's the centre of attraction and people are talking or playing with her. Today at church she got so excited that she started to "talk" quite loudly when a little girl was playing with her. The little girl was a little shy at first then later told me that baby's cute! Cant wait for Sophie to learn to crawl and walk and talk.

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