Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Babbling Darling

At 16 weeks, Sophie has started to be more talkative. Her talk or rather babble is really cute and boy is she one big chatter! Most of the times, she amuses me when she starts talking and at times she also exasperates me when she starts to "complain". How do I know when she's complaining? You can tell it from her expression and tone which is sometimes still funny. She'll complain when she gets bored, when she wants to be carried or simply just wanting some attention from us.

But what gets to me is when she wants to have a conversation with me when I'm feeing her *faints* And when I do show her my angry face (and a bit of an animated angry face) she laughs at me, like I was trying to humor her. Which of course makes this mother break into a smile as well.

Time flies and next week she'll turn 4 months. Which also means that its the end of my 4 months of maternity leave. (Probably the best thing from the govt for working moms) I can still remember it was only last year in Dec that I found out I was pregnant and fast forward one year later, Sophie's already 4 months!

I simply love all the time I spent with her and this week I totally maximized the last week of freedom and went out everyday! And on Monday, Alexis even took leave to go out with me and baby Sophie to celebrate a very special moment for him. The first time that Sophie called him Daddy! We figured she was just repeating it and don't know what it means yet, but how's that for a 16 week old that knows how to call Daddy. But that also means it was pretty much a once off thing and we haven't had much luck hearing her call Daddy again. This little girl sure knows the way to her Daddy's heart. What a Daddy's girl :)

When will you call Mummy, my darling?

Daddy gets his hands dirty and bathes for baby Sophie

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