Monday, December 14, 2009

Sophie goes to Infant Care

Now that I'm back to work, Sophie is in the infant care centre for the day. And I'm glad to say that the first week went quite well. Though there were some adjustments for her, being in a new environment, not having mummy by her side all the time and being cared for by others for the first wee, she seems to be adapting well and has even made some friends.

The reason for putting her in the infant care is because my mom has a dog in her place. And for those that know me, I don't just dislike dogs, I'm really quite scared of them. Regardless of my mom's claims that her dog is well behaved and all, there is no way Sophie is going near her dog, especially since it sheds so much fur. As for the option of leaving her at my in laws, we figured the traveling time just makes it tiring for everyone especially when it can be almost half an hour for just one way.

Anyway the best part of having her just opposite my office makes it so much easier for me to drop by and visit her during lunch time and sometimes during my teabreaks and after I pump. Just to know and see that she's near by makes separation anxiety for this mummy a thing of the past :)

I recall the 2nd day when I left her at the infant care for the afternoon and went out for a movie with Alexis, I was actually crying in the theatre because I was so worried about her adjusting to the place and not having me around and if she was receiving enough attention form the caregivers. Of course it didn't help that she wasnt taking her naps well for the first 2 days and that made me question our choice. But as the days pass, she started to take to the caretakers and was sleeping better and even started to drinks up to 150ml for her feeds! I was of course happy since I was complaining that she was only drinking a max of 120ml and not putting on as much weight as I wished.

Now when I visit her, she's usually in a good mood, smiling and talking away to the teachers and even to the other babies there. I even joked that she has a new BFF there, another baby who's a month older than her by the name of Ashley that she usually "talks" to. The teachers are so funny and feels that the two of them looks a little similar too. Hopefully as she grows up there, she'll learn to be more independent and more sociable too.

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