Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hit by the flu bug

The flu bug surfaced at home last week and all of us fell sick. It started with Alexis then me and eventually Sophie was also down. It was the all works of cough, flu and sore throat for the adults. And poor baby Sophie had the occasional fever too as her body battled her first illness. Naturally she was irrated and uncomfortable by what was happening to her body, so for some days she was extra cranky and difficult. As a result, both Alexis and myself were also tired out from her crying and more frequent waking in the nights.

I cant say how much it means to me that Alexis is a hands on Dad and took over to take care of Sophie when I'm left drained and tired. No wait, he also helped with the housework which I'm very appreciative of too. And yes finally I'm most thankful for him putting up with my lack of patience and occassional flare ups when it just got all too over whelming for me. So for this, thank u dear!

Praise God Sophie's much better after a week and is back to the infant care centre today. But while she was ill, I kept asking myself if leaving her at the ifc is really good for her. Of course, I was told to be prepared that she will get sick sometime down the road. But to be sick in just one week? There's no denying that she could have also caught it from either of us too since we were down and out ourselves.

And so the dilemia starts all over again.... Especially with recent news that my office may soon shift out of Raffles Place, I wonder if its still viable putting her at the ifc since I will not be able to see her so often. Of course, not forgetting the fact that it will be entirely on Alexis to bring her to and fro and ifc.... What should we do, what should we do...

Shall not worry too much about the future and enjoy her as much as I can now.

Looking cute even though she's sick.
Such a darling :)

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