Friday, March 19, 2010

At 7 and a half months, Sophie is getting more mobile. No longer is she contended with just being on her all 4s. But she has mastered how to maneuver her body while on her all 4s. But she is more likely to go in her usual reverse gear or in circles which is such a cute sight.

Sophie on all fours

Distracted by the TV

Mesmerized by the TV

Not too long ago, Alexis was asking how babies can get from a crawling position to sitting up. I always thought perhaps they'll roll to their side and push themselves up to a sitting position. But the answer was revealed yesterday. Sophie would go from all fours and then do a reverse crawl and as she does it, she'll do a neat split and push her body up with her arms and Ta Dah, she's sitting up! How cool is that :) I'm sure her gymnastics YiYi will be so proud of her too. She has such agility that even if her feet were to be stuck in an awkward position, she'll twist and turn and get it freed.

Water break from all the crawling

Another thing that she's always doing is her bounce. She does it when she's sitting, when she's being carried, when she's happy, when she's excited... and it just makes you break out in a smile to see her doing her happy 'dance' like that.

Doing her bounce while crawling

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