Sunday, April 4, 2010

The ever-changing baby

Last week, we noticed that Sophie has made some changes (again).

No longer is she able to play quietly on her own! We used to take great delight in the fact that we can leave her on her own to play while we run around the house doing chores or have our dinner or watch the tv. These days, Sophie will kick up a big fuss or cry when she notices that she's left to play on her own or simply not giving her attention. You can only imagine our frustration and exasperation when we have to always be around her. And even when we come to her, we'll have to pacify her for "abandoning" her.

Some have labelled this behavior as "Separation Anxiety". And I'm suspecting that this behavior has also lend itself to her night waking as well.

These few night she has been waking more often in the nights as well. I'm ruling out hunger since I usually feed her a bottle of milk before she sleeps. So it's either the same separation anxiety symptoms creeping into the nights or because she cant fall back to sleep after sitting herself up in the cot. Whatever it is, we've got to remind ourselves to be patient with this little baby of ours.

This Friday, she'll turn 8 months. I'm sure that more changes await her and us! We reckon that she'll start to crawl properly or maybe sprout her first tooth the next month. Maybe even learn to pull herself up to stand in the cot - which can only mean more night waking!

As for now, I'll do my best to keep calm and be patient as we go through her every milestone with her.

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