Monday, April 5, 2010

Sophie and Daddy

Here are the two of my darlings having a fun time together.

Sophie loves to be high up on Daddy's shoulder.
Tell me how can I not love them more and more each day?

This photo was actually taken on the day that Sophie baby made Daddy very angry because she refused to go back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Daddy tried patting her in his attempt to make her sleep after she got up from her night waking. But no her cries only got louder and louder... In the end, Mummy had to intervene and push the cot into baby Sophie's room and nurse her back to sleep, leaving Daddy to go back to sleep.

But all is well again between Sophie and Daddy in the morning as you can tell from the pictures above.

Guess there is just no way you're stopping the love between a Daddy and his little girl :)


  1. i love the 2nd photo! sophie looks so contented! -aunt joy

  2. Haha she just loves being so high. Guess it's a different view from the top of the world :)