Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sophie at 11 months

With just one more month to her big one, Sophie has mastered a few new skills

1. Learning how to point
She's recently learnt how to point when she wants something or when we ask her, "where is ..." As she turns into a toddler very soon she'll be pointing to us that she wants a new toy, her choice of food at MacDonalds...

2. She's learnt new words
Her babble no longer just sound like baby talk but more like proper words especially when she can repeat words back at you. She did that for words like "there", "duck", "mum mum (for food)". With more teeth on the way, she'll learnt to say her first word, and I mean saying it with understanding.

3. Standing unsupported
She does this quite easily for about 10 to 15 seconds already. Last Friday I even caught her holding on to a book and somehow getting up on her own. Hehe so daring to stand unsupported.

4. Taking her first steps
Alexis has witnessed her taking two tiny steps unsupported as she lunged towards her walker. And I only saw it yesterday, when she took a step and lunged towards me.

But so far she's been an ace walking supported mainly on her walker. And on days when she's active she'll keep walking around the house from one end of her play yard to the other. She knows how to squeeze herself in front of the walker when she's hit the end of the room and then push the walker in the opposite direction and then start walking again. I'm pretty sure my little baby's going to start walking before she turns one. Time to go shopping for shoes!

5. Knowing how to resist taking medicine
Fifi fell ill recently and we had to feed her 4 different type of medicine. 3 of which had to be administered by the syringe. Now she can even recognize the syringe after being fed medicine for a couple of times and will struggle to get out of our clutches. Today we had to trick her by alternating between feeding her medicine and water. Wonder what new tricks we need in future.

6. Learning how to say no with her hands
Like pushing her bottle when she's had enough. She used to just turn her head away from you if she's had enough. She'll also pushed my hands away when she didn't want me wiping the mucus off her nose.

Alexis was just commenting how amazing babies grow, from a little helpless babe who can only cry, drink milk, poo and sleep to now having emotions, learning new skills and showing signs of her own personality and a mind of her own. And before we know it, we're about to cross the one year mark as Sophie becomes a toddler in one month's time. And just when I thought that things will get easier, the dear baby whisperer just reassured me that it will not! *sigh* welcome to Toddlerhood!


  1. aww. my own baby has been showing signs
    like these too~ well, aside from the
    medication. he LOVES his fever meds o_O

  2. And! Doing the little indian chant!

  3. Nadine: Lucky you then :)
    Joy: Oh yes and plus the hand to mouth going "Oh, oh, oh.." Haha