Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teething woes

With just 2 more days before Sophie turns 11 months, I have a feeling that her milk teeth are all trying to make their way out of her gums. And because of that Sophie transforms into another baby at night-wakeful, cranky and absolutely inconsolable!

Touching her sensitive gums

For every night since Saturday, she has woken from her sleep crying from the discomfort and pain. We tried the teething gel, teething tablets, giving her a teether and even tried to give her the pacifier, all fail! Only thing that brings comfort is when I nurse her. I hope I don't set myself up for night feedings when this teething episode is over. But already with one tooth, feeding her can be quite a pain painful. Cant imagine if she has more teeth out!

Can you spot her first tooth?

Finger in mouth again!

Today I tried giving her the Woodsward gripe water. Wondering if it was really effective or was it already way past her bed time (9:50pm!), she went down with much lesser fussing.

Just going to keep my finger crossed that she'll wake up only when it's time, 8am!

I can feel my teeth mummy

Its these times when our patience just gets so worn out and our tiredness just gets the worse of us. Got to remember that they don't go through this period forever.

Endure, endure!


  1. aww. I hope her pain won't bother her
    too much. my own bubs is crankier than
    usual and he has learnt how to bite so
    it's REALLY painful when feeding T_T

  2. Nadine: Ouch to baby and mummy alike! How many teeth does your baby have now?

  3. he has 4 teeth now..
    two top and two bottom.

    I have yet to start him on formula
    (I really don't want to) but it
    seems like it's getting harder to
    BF him since he keeps biting me )':

    I hit him and tell him sternly, "no"
    he thinks it's a game -.-