Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have a list of favourite scents but the undisputed number one scent that I adore is the smell of baby Sophie.

Now its a fact that babies smell nice. But some smell nicer than others, given that they are not soaked in their diaper full of poo! And I'm unashamed to say that baby Sophie is a sweet sweet smelling baby.

Sweet smelling baby with a equally sweet smile too

The first person that passed the comment (besides me and Alexis) was the confinement lady that cared for Sophie in the first month after she was born. In fact she even nicked name her 香香公主. The confinement lady said that generally baby girls exude a natural sweet smell while baby boys smell more musky. No doubt a nicer way to say they smell of sweat and pee (for the baby boys that is).

And just yesterday, one of the teachers passed that comment about Sophie too when she went next to her to catch a whiff of her. She said that Sophie has a natural sweet smell especially before she bathes. And I don't usually apply any lotion or even powder on her.

Make that a megwatt smile

There were even times when I asked the teachers in the infant care if they used any strawberry scented products on her because there are days that she smelt like a little ms strawberry shortcake when I pick her.

I thank God for this sweet sweet baby of mine. She is indeed a sweetie pie through and through.

"Babies are such sweet beginnings"
- Author Unknown

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