Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sophie's First Holiday!

Sophie went for her first holiday to KL last week (26-29 May 2010). We drove up to Malaysia and stayed at my colleague's place for 4 days. The journey there was good as Sophie was suprising quiet for the start of the trip and only started to get restless after we took a short break after 3 hours of being in the car

Being constantly in the car means that she was easily put to sleep by the vibration and constant white background sound from the car and she took a long 1 and a half hours nap.

I doubt she understands that we're out of the country and only knows that she didnt see her friends at the infant care and that we drove for a long long time. She was in a good mood most of the time on the first 2 days and got more restless by day 3.

The good thing about staying in my colleague's place, was that we had an extra pair of hands and eyes to keep an eye on the little monkey who's gotten very active and talkative recently.

From the trip, I noticed that she has been less interested in her cereals and porridge, refusing her food after a few spoonsfuls. Wasted my efforts to cook her my ai xin meals for her.

No doubt traveling with her is more tiring than I expected but I know that this will get better when she grows older, can walk or even run around on her own, eat the same food as me. After all I managed to go shopping while she's asleep in her pram, enjoyed a nice massage, went swimming and even had some local food and have some 二人世界 with the hubby.

Looking forward to our next holiday again!


  1. did she like being in the car seat?
    my baby refuses to sit in it :/

  2. Nadine, I doubt any baby will like it. But just gotta train them to sit in it for their own safty. I will put toys, books, etc for her to play and keep her distracted. But on a 4 plus hours drive, I did take her out once in a while to stretch her legs.