Monday, May 24, 2010

Toothy tales

It started with fluctuating fever last Thursday that was on then off then on again. Then the munchster lost her appetite for milk, cereal and porridge. The little one was so hardly sleeping, so on friday night we thought that we'll let her sleep in the evening when we're out to allow her to catch up on some rest. BIG mistake! She ended up waking at 10pm and sleeping again at 1am after a huge struggle.

And in the night, she easily woke up for 5 times. Also didnt help that I took the easy way and nursed her to sleep on the few times when it seemed so hard for her to go back to sleep. So the pattern continued on sat night and gave Daddy a headache throughtout the night. Then there was also the diahorrea and constant crankiness all sure signs of teething.

Everything lands up in her mouth

Remedies we tried
- hyland's teething tablets (have to feed more than 3 to see effect)
dentinox teething gel (temporary numbs the pain for a while)
- teether toy - refuse to bite it

Sophie drooling

Although the photo above shows her drooling,, but we havent seen that much drooling though. And she has now reverted to her toe sucking days. Probably the best thing to chew on since it's so accessible and fleshy!

Sophie attacking her book

You know there is a hokkien saying, 7 month sit, 8 months crawl, 9 months grow teeth (direct translation). Now that you're already 9 months and 2 weeks, Mummy is anxious to see those pearly whites of yours to add to your smile and look forward to a happy chirpy baby again.


  1. this is interesting. I thought girls have their first
    tooth before boys?

    my blog is btw ;)

  2. Nadine, guess it's not gender specific :P