Friday, May 14, 2010

Sophie at 9 months

Sophie went for her 9 months developmental assessment at the polyclinic today. At 9 months, Sophie's able to crawl, pull her weight to stand up and even stand unsupported for a short while. To be precise, mummy counted and it was 2 seconds before she plonked her butt down in the bathtub.

She's also able to lift her feet off the ground and climb up the sofa. There was even once she managed to stand in her pram while daddy was busy talking to the teacher in the infant care and gave everyone a scare. In fact, now whenever we sit her down in the car seat, she'll almost immediately get up on her feet if she's not strapped in. So now we're extra careful with her as you never know how fast she'll move.

She was such a darling after the assessment. When the nurse said that all's good, she actually did a "yeah" sound and clapped her hands much to the amazement of everyone. I was telling Alexis that Sophie may actually know a lot more than we know and she just wants to show off her "skills" to other people. Haha.

Cant believe it's been 9 months...
9 months from conception to birth
9 months in my womb
And now 9 months out in this world
and 9 months old

My baby's almost growing up too quickly...