Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sophie goes up and down and...

Sophie has recently mastered how to stand up and lower herself!

She knew how to pull herself up from the side of the cot since about 7 or 8 months but lowering herself is the more tricky part. But sometime last week she started to just plonk her butt down when she wants to get down after standing up. But she has since learnt the less painful way which is to bend her knees and sit down.

She has been practicing it so much that she does it in her cot, on the sofa and even in the bath tub! Just yesterday she was up and down and up and down. And being the supportive mummy, I had to express my excitement of her learning a new skill that I clapped for her as an encouragement. And she went up and down for a few more times before she went on to create tidal waves in her bathtub by splashing wildly.

Even though I came out of the toilet not very dry, it made me proud of her progress. Seeing her grow day by day is one of the best joys in my life now.


  1. has her teeth broken out of her gums yet? (:

  2. Hi Nadine, no not yet. What about your baby?