Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today I celebrate my first Mother's Day with my baby.

After I became a Mom myself did I know what Motherhood means.

Motherhood is all about making sacrifices. Even before she was born, I have learnt what it means to make sacrifices.

I exchanged coffee for soya bean, margaritas for milk, sashimi for supplements. Spending my time reading up on all things relating to baby care so that I know what to do when she's born. And even now I limit my intake of caffeine and still cant even have a sip of alcohol as I'm still breastfeeding. Continuing to breastfeed despite the amount of time it takes to pump, wash in the morning, afternoon and night just simply she can continue to be a stronger immunity to fight the flu bugs away.

Spending hours in the kitchen preparing for her meals on weekends even though she may simply have a "bad day" and refuse all my meals which I so painstaking put together. And even after that having spend at least half an hour to coax her into finishing her meal

Gone are the days when I can sleep as late as I want and wake up as late as I want. Now I am trained to sleep like a ninja-sleeping with one eye "open". Weekday evenings and weekends activities are planed around her. Trying my best to keep my temper in check (still working hard on that especially on days she's all cranky!)

But in exchange, Motherhood has also taught me about a strength of a person. To persist in breastfeeding even when it's so hard and painful! That I can survive on a mere few hours of sleep when she's getting up few times in the night. And literally discovering new strength when I have to carry a 8kg baby around everyday (where are those biceps?)

I love you mummy

But more importantly, I discovered a love so deep, so intense, so pure that you desire to protect, to give your best, to give your all just for someone so small, so fragile, so that they can have the best.

And for this, I salute my mom, all moms.

I'm going to live my life as one that leaves a legacy for my next generation. Not with riches or wealth, fame of fortune. But for one that honors God, respects her elders, loves her family, treasures her friends, knows that her value is not what's outside but what's within. To love much, laugh much and have a good time when she's growing up or grown up. To not sweat over things that have no eternal value and live for everyday so passionately. I guess this is the desire for my life as well.

So Sophie, lets promise each other that when you become a Mother yourself, you'll ask yourself what have you learnt from your mom and pass them on to your daughter.


  1. ditto this post! well, even though I don't do half the things you mentioned, I feel tired with my own bubs! >.<

  2. Haha yes they sure keep us busy busy :) Hey grant me access to view your blog k :)