Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fiesty Fifi

Sophie got complained by her infant care yesterday- the crime? For biting her classmates. And not just one but two of the kids!

The teacher said it happened when she was playing some toys with her friends. But she got over excited and in the words of the teacher, "too wild" and wanted the toys that her friend had, so she bit her on the head! Don't even ask me how she did it. But I was so worried about the poor girl who got bitten. It was a good thing that the teachers saw it and pull her away so her friend was not hurt.

You can only imagine my embarrassment and worry about how this little monkey of mine has even turned into a bully!

And the funny thing was when I picked her up from school and asked her what she did in school and why she bit her friend, this little lass just refused to look me in the eye and can tell me no no. I seriously expected to only deal with this when she's 2 or 3. But now at 15 months, she's going around bullying other kids.

Gosh I sure have a fiesty little girls on my hands.

Sophie up to more monkey business during meal times

Not enough just standing on her high chair, got to even put her leg on the tray


  1. did she stand and try to dance/jump on the tray?

  2. Seems like the biting incident may be just a phase. I realised that when Baby G also got bitten and at the same time, he was also a culprit of other altercations too.

  3. Nadine: No, I don't allow her to get to that stage. Recently we have a new table rule, she must be seated before she is fed. No sitting, no food. First time we tried it was horibble but it's improving slowly
    Sandra: yah at this age we need to start teaching her to control her feelings especially when she gets angry