Monday, November 15, 2010

Expressive Toddler

Sophie is getting more expressive day by day. No longer is she the helpless baby that can only cry when she wants something. Now she can easily point to the things that she wants and go "eh eh", "nugh nguh" or walks in a certain direction when she wants to go somewhere.

And horror of horrors, she has also learnt how to behave like a brat and throw tantrums!!! This happened a few times already especially when she doesn't get her way. And just yesterday when she had her water bottle taken away, she got so upset she refused to stay in her pram and also didn't want daddy to carry her and just sat on the floor in the shopping center. Where does she even learn this from?

I know many children experts agree that you should not give in to a child's tantrums, otherwise you are demonstrating that such behavior is acceptable and will only encourage the child to keep behaving this way. Yet at the same time, you still have to instruct them with love that its the behavior that is not tolerable.

This was pretty much my thoughts when I had to deal with her alone today as Alexis was still at work and I had to spend the evening with her alone. Dinner was such a struggle that I initially shouted at her to stop playing with her food. And of course I cringed when I see food all over her tray, clothes, hands... But I stopped and told myself if I kept getting angry and scolding her, she will also in turn think that it's okay to raise her voice when others don't behave in the way she wanted them to.

So after a few deep breathes, I let go literally and gave her her bowl and utensils and let her feed herself. Never mind the mess, the clean up after that. What mattered more was that we enjoyed each others company while Daddy is away. And she was sweet too, to feed me the noodles.. but erm it was the noodle from her sleeves. But she kept insisted that I eat it from her hands. But the smile I got from her after that was priceless...

Being a parent means knowing when to hold back, when to let go and just enjoy the moments...

Turning a blind eye to the mess...

The aftermath

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  1. I had to let him mess up his surroundings else
    he'll stand and bounce on the table/tray -.-

    it's ok about the mess. it's a great learning
    experience! (: