Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st flight, 2nd holiday

Before the year came to an end, we decided to go for another holiday. And this time round to try taking the plane and see how Sophie will take to it so that we can make plans to go further next year. So the destination was chosen, Penang, Malaysia and off we went.

The flight there was pretty good as Sophie was entertained by the kids sitting in front of us. She was playing peek a boo with them and kept going "chai" to get them to play with her. It also helped that we came fully prepared for the flight with snacks, toys, colouring pencils, colouring paper, water bottle to keep her busy. The landing wasn't too much of a problem as we kept reminding her to drink water and I also tried to nurse her. So the first flight was a success!

We booked into the newly opened Hard Rock hotel after hearing my friends raved about the pool and promixity to the Batu Ferringhi beach. The deco of the hotel sure made you feel like a star and one common sight was the Beatles who greeted us at the entrance, the pool, the room.. you get the idea.

Day 2, we went to the Butterfly farm which was just a short drive away from the hotel. We were greeted by free flying butterflies of all shapes, colors and sizes. But not a place to go to if you don't like butterflies. Sophie was pretty excited too and did the hand sign for butterfly that I taught her, opening and closing of her palm to tell me that they are butterflies all around.

Besides the butterflies, there were also an exhibit of other insects but they didn't interest the little one.
Since it has been years since the both of us been to Penang, so we did the touristy stuffs and visited some of the attractions in Penang like Fort Cornwallis, the Esplandae area, City Hall, Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, Batu Ferringhi beach.

Outside Fort Cornwallis

Sophie wants to try local coffee too

Sophie was not keen to go to the beach. Pricky sand for her tender feet

Sophie also had her fair share of the local food from Penang. Like Chendol, apom (see picture below), century egg porridge from Gurney Drive. Too bad most of the yummy local fare is all fried and hence oily food, so it was us to enjoyed the food mostly.

The 2nd holiday with a toddler sure was different. No spas, no relaxing holidays, having to accommodate to her naps, feeding times. But that said, we did have fun too as a family. But we probably will wait a while more before we decide to go further for a holiday.


  1. When fifi gets older... Genting will probably be the next destination to consider...

  2. Sandra: Yeah that and maybe Cameron Highlands too.