Monday, December 13, 2010

Counting one, two, three

Sophie has recently learnt how to count. It started with her repeating, 1, 2, 3 after us. Now she remembers and will go 2, after you say 1. My mom is especially proud because she's been teaching Sophie this every time she comes over to my place. Next, I'm trying to teach that 3 is after 2. So far she can repeated if after me but cant do it on her own yet.

Just yesterday I brought her down to the playground to ride her tricycle. And as usual the little monkey wanted to get into some of the action along with the older kids, so she started climbing up the steps to the slide. But she wasn't keen to slide down and wanted to climb down the steps.

Climbing down the steps at the playground

As she came down. I counted 一, 二,一, 二. Then out of no where she said 三 much to my surprise. She didn't repeat it after that but I reckon she must have learnt that from school. And the only time I count in mandarin is when I take her out of the bath tub. But she has since progressed to stand and shower.

Very soon I can try the "come here or do as I say before mum counts to 3 technique". Then again maybe I should hold that out before she associates counting to a "bad punishment coming my way".

Meanwhile just 1, 2, 3 and 一, 二,三。

Sophie trying to drink from a baby doll's milk bottle

Looking all pretty in her new dress that por por bought

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  1. I think good idea to hold on the 'Come here at the count of 3' statement til u r confident she knows how to count. Then she knows how much time she has before Mummy goes there to get there. Tee heehee