Thursday, December 23, 2010

Intrigued by the button

The belly button that is

Sophie has discovered that beneath her big tummy, there lies a little button shaped indentation called her belly button. And ever since we've been trying to get her hands or rather finger off it. Somehow she is so intrigued by it that we find her digging into it ever so often. Sometimes even lifting her dress to check if her belly button is still there.

At first she discovered it's existence when I lay her down and nursed her at night. Many a time I find her reaching for my belly button and playing with it and digging it. At first I found it funny that she found it fascinating, then I got irritated and had to block my belly button as she started to use more force to try to dig it deeper. Then I had to stop her altogether as it was getting so uncomfortable and painful. So she went on to look for more unsuspecting victims and Alexis ended up with a scratch across his stomach as well.

Now with mummy and daddy wiser and weary of her belly button attacks, she has given up on her chances with us and discovered that hey "Guess what? I have got one too!".

I hope that her innocence towards her belly button remains. I cant even imagine if 18 years down the road, this little girl of mine decides to get a navel piercing or navel tattoo or what have you. Just another reminder that this little baby of mine is slowly growing up.


  1. HAHAHA! mine isn't as fascinated with the belly
    button though he likes to try to reach for mine
    coz I have a piercing.

  2. Can he pull it out? Better be careful cause they very itchy hands one. Haha

  3. I always realize it before he does ;p