Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last entry for the year

What a close to the year end, with Sophie having an eye infection *sigh*. She started having it on Sunday and initially we dismissed it as she's always touching her eyes after touching everywhere.

By the end of the day, it didn't get any better as well so I brought her to the doctor the next day. Ended up it was an eye infection, and she doctor advised to keep her at home as it was contagious. So for the next few days, I was also home with her. It didn't help that she seems to be teething too as she was drooling and putting her finger into her mouth and yes the dreaded fever too. So you can only imagine how grumpy and cranky she was. Putting the eye drop for her is a daily struggle which leaves her crying and crying.

So I brought her to the playground one afternoon and boy was she excited to get some fresh air.

Look how she's familiar with the drill at the playground already.

Hoping that in the next year, we all get healthier bodies and not get sick so often!!!

Happy New Year!

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