Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New skills for the new year

Sophie like all kids go through phases with their toys. It's hardly surprising that she gets fascinated with new toys especially those that she receives on special occasions like her birthday or Christmas. Other days just a simple balloon or coloring pencils will have the same mesmerising effect on her too.

She has a little toy corner in the living room. Her basket of soft toys. Her huge Pooh bear that she calls "Poo Poo". Whoops.

Her box of mega blocks together with other masak masak her slam dunk basket ball hoop amongst the many others. We recently kept some toys away as she has out grown them like her rattle, walker, and some other baby toys.

Recently she has taken an interest in the shape sorter that we got her when she was around 6-8 months. Back then one of my friend commented on her Facebook that her daughter could identify the shapes and fit in into their respective shapes so I thought it may be fun for Fifi.

But she was not in the least interested in it. Now at 16 and a half months she has managed to fit the circle piece into the correct shape all by herself! Of course there are times when she doesn't get it and will get frustrated and throw the toy or pass the toy to us for help. So we're teaching her to try and try again rather than rush in to do it for her.

Here's the video of her fitting the circle piece. Haha hear her go "Aiyoh" after the piece drops out after she pulls it apart. I think I may have used that one too many times.

First the circle, next the square, then star, triangle...

Way to go Fifi!!


  1. why is it always that they like to open up before they put all the blocks in? haha. mine won't do it. if he can't fit anything into the hole he wants to place it, he starts screaming in anger :/

  2. loveeeee the 'aiyoh'!!! :)

    she's so smart! you should put up a photo of her eating corn! haha