Thursday, January 13, 2011

First holiday for the year

We went for our first family holiday of the year 2 weeks ago. Quite ironic since I did say that I'll think twice about bringing Sophie on the next holiday soon since the trip to Penang was well...not as enjoyable. But here we are after Penang, going to Malacca and then just very recently going to Club Med Bintan for 3D, 2N.

It wasn't planned as it was an incentive trip for the sales guys for my company but a colleague resigned not too long so I get to "take his place". And besides no work involved, so I went for it and brought my two dear babies along.

Sophie was the least affected by the ferry ride and was quite okay despite a very choppy ride when we came back. Guess there is nothing better than to just munch your way on the ferry :)

We hit the monsoon season so couldn't do any of the sea sports like kayaking or snorkeling that I was looking forward to. But the most fun activity we tried was the flying trapeze from the circus school! Though Sophie didn't have a chance at that, I did make her tumble around on the mats which she enjoyed a lot.

Club med is really kiddy friendly with a kiddy club from kids as young as two. A pity that Sophie was too young for us to leave her there. They have programms for the kids that keep them pretty busy too, going to the beach to build sand castle, swimming, room with toys and books, etc, provide theirs meals and also get their nap time. And at the restaurant, they have a section for baby food, like bottled jar food and baby yogurt. Our room also came with the basic playpen and even a steam sterliser, bottle warmer, baby bath tub, baby powder and baby oil. Very well equipped.

But I guess after this trip, me and Alexis should just make plans to go on a holiday without Sophie. A holiday that will be more carefree and less stressful. Yes meal times are so stressful for me now.. Another post on this perhaps.

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  1. I am seriously considering a trip to Club MEd Bintan coz now Baby G is of age to go for the Petit club.