Friday, February 11, 2011

Sophie goes to her new school

Today marks the 5th day that Sophie is attending her new school and I think she's adapting well.

Sophie has to wear uniform to school now

I was a little apprehensive about how she'll take to the new school, new environment, new teachers and new friends after being in Cherie Hearts for 14 months since she was 4 months. So I started her on just half day for the first day. She was her usual curious self and decided that she'll explore the school instead of paying attention. But it's not a big deal, after all it was her first day and she's not used to a classroom setting. There are a total of 5 toddlers in her playgroup. It did take her a while to get used to the routines in school from lining up to go to the bathroom to wash their hands to having lesson time for reading, etc. She did slowly warm up to her new teacher and even lie down for her diaper change which I was surprised.

Feeding herself porridge

Meal times was of course a breeze knowing how my little one loves her food. There was a morning tea break which we brought from home and lunch was porridge. Sophie just fed herself with little help and finished her lunch in no time. I decided to leave her there with the teachers for a bath while I grab lunch since she was doing so well. But when I came back, I found her crying in tears :( Poor little one must have thought that mummy has abandoned her.

But things did get better on the second day when she was participated more in the class. Guess it will take her a while to get used to the idea of a structured class. I left her there for lunch on her own after the second day and the teacher told me that she went to sleep after having her milk and after some patting.

At the end of the day when I went to pick her from school, she was so excited to see me that she shouted "Mama!" loudly and ran towards me. I feel so loved by my little daughter.

Carrying her bag which is too big for her. Not stopping her nevertheless

I know that in no time, Sophie will be able to adjust fully into the new school. The teachers there told me that she's learning to be more independent and will want to do things on her own like eating and even having her way. Lets just hope that she'll be happier in her new school too.

So far my verdict for Sunflower Kiddy House
1. Like that the centre manager is very hands on with the children. She's often involved with the kids and will have some interaction with them in the morn. On the first day she was teaching them how to 年. On the second day, she was reading to them. She also mentioned to me that she helped to pat Sophie to sleep too.

2. There is a set of routine for the day which helps the kids learn to be structured and know what to expect.

3. The teachers follow through with what they say and mean it when it comes to discipline even for the toddlers. Of course no serious punishment, but they make the kids who jump around when they're supposed to sit quietly stand in a corner. So it helps to instill discipline in the kids too.

4. The size of the whole centre is kept small so the teachers managed the class more efficiently.

5. Kids learn to wait in simple acts like waiting for their turns to wash their hands and waiting for their friend's turn to finish before they all head back to their class.

6. This is more for my benefit, the school serves dinner- which saves me a headache on what to cook!

The hubby said that I've been singing praises about the new school but I do believe not every school is as good as this one. So I'm glad I made the right choice for Sophie.

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