Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little talking machine

Sophie's 18 months going 19 months and of late she's been more vocal. This was also noticed by those around like my mom, and also the teachers in the child care. The teacher told me this morning that initially when she went to the new child care, she was rather quiet, if not she'll be rather whiny or sometimes crying. Now that she's adapted to school in the past 3 weeks, she's shed her inhibitions and starting verbalizing what she wants and how she feels.

Family members: Daddy, mama, yeye, nai nai, por por, yiyi, jui jui, gu gu
Activities: mumm mumm, walk, carry, brush, bath, poo poo, draw, throw, beat, wash
Food: bread, apple, banana (nana), cherry, carrot, rice (ice), cheese, biscuit, bao
Toys: bear bear, elmo, rabbit (air bit) , pig pig, pooh bear (poo poo), car, train, ball, ballooon, bubbles, book, star,
Body: eyes, head, hair, teeth, nose, ears, hand, toes,
Animals: cat, dog, duck, cow (moo moo), owl, panda, lion, crocodile (dial), bird, bee, butterfly (fly), fish,
Other: NO! (almost automatic for all kids), hello, bye bye, kiss, please (peas), thank you (Q), milk, more, no more, open, close, up, shoes, socks, diaper, baby, mei mei, boy, pram, flower, tissue, pain, push, oh no (when she drops something) aiyoh, towel, on, off,

These are about the words that she can say now. And there is also so much more that she understand but cant verbalize yet. Like when I ask here where is her tummy, hand, finger, leg, she can point to them but cant say the words yet.

But one thing about my girl, is that it depends on her mood if she wants to entertain you with her new found vocabulary. Oh yes and now she know numbers too, like 2, 5, 9, 10 which I think she learnt in school as they count while they wash their hands.

And of course there was been some funny moments when I teach her new words too. Like on Monday when I taught her how to pray and end with Amen.

Me: Sophie when you finishing praying, you say Amen. Say A....
Sophie: Apple!

I cracked up so hard that I probably shocked her with my behavior when here my little one is thinking to herself, isnt A is for apple?

And till now it beats me why she calls Alexis Daddy and me Mama.

As I'm typing this entry, Alexis is reminding me to speak to her more in Mandarin. Which I try to remember too from time to time. Sophie now respond to her Mandarin name, so I do think we're on to a good start :) Oh and she can tell you that her name is "Fi". We call her Fifi at home :)

Spot Fifi in her classmate's celebration!

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