Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sense and Sensibility

There are times when I'm pleasantly surprised by Sophie. But she's really surprised me by her sensibility when I had to go for an operation last week. Before the operation, Alexis and I have been prepping her for it by explaining that mummy's stomach pain pain and needs to stay in the hospital for an operation, so she needs to stay in Tampines with Daddy and Nai Nai. Sometimes she'll just reply "No, No, No.." other times she'll ignore us, leaving us to wonder how much she understands.

The night before my operation, I decided to let her sleep with me, after all I wouldn't get to do it for a while after my op too. Once again, I reminded her of what's to come for the next few nights without mummy to put her to bed. Of late, she's been more particular and will only want me to put her to sleep so I was really worried if Alexis or my mom in law could handle her at night. That night after her bottle of milk, she pressed her cheek next to mine and nuzzled me, like she understood that mummy's not going to be around soon and was giving me encouragement and reminding me that she loves me. My heart really melted.

The next day, she got up very early and saw me dressed up so she refused to go back to sleep. After I explained to her that mummy and daddy have to go to the hospital, I asked my mum to bring her into her bedroom in my attempt to avoid a tearful farewell. Subsequently, my mom told me that after we left and they came out of the room, she looked around the house for us but didnt make any noise when she didn't see us and proceeded to wear her uniform and got ready for school. She was such a responsible girl that she even reminded Grandma not to forget her bag as she pointed to it and went "bag, bag". I'm so proud of her!

Even though I missed her dearly after my op, I didn't want her to see me in pain so I only saw her on Sunday, the 4th day after my op. When she arrived she was asleep in Daddy's arm and when she woke up she was curiously looking around to see where she was. She sure was happy seeing me and lunged forward to ask me to carry her. But when we told her that mummy's tummy pain pain and cannot carry, she didn't insist anymore. She pointed to the plaster on my arm and scrunched up her face and told me "pain pain". Then she started being her cheeky self and was squealing in delight and running around. When it was time to go, she just waved bye bye to me and left.

That evening when Alexis went back, she ran to him and called out Daddy Daddy and raised her hand and called Mama, like asking why I didn't come home with Alexis. Alexis reminded her that Mama's stomach is still painful and has to stay in the hospital, she just carried on playing.

Sophie unwrapping her present from Mama

Figuring how to play with her new toy

Learning the letters of the

How I love my sensible toddler. I'm hearted that she's so understanding and was relieved that she has been behaving very well at my in laws place. This little baby of mine is no longer a baby anymore but a fine little girl growing up :)

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