Thursday, May 7, 2009

25 weeks pregnant

See what Sophie can do at 25 weeks:
Your baby is responsive to touch now. You can have fun with baby by trying to tickle her foot when she kicks you or by lying on your back and rolling from side to side, to see how she reacts. Her eyelids open around now and her heart is beating so strongly, it may be heard with a stethoscope.

Hmm not sure how to tickle her foot through my tummy...Wonder if she will giggle or give me a kick in return!

Went for our monthly check up today and here's a video of what Sophie was up to.

Can you spot her heart beating?

The gyne commented that Sophie is growing well. Her estimated fetal weight is now at 603 grams. A healthy weight for her at 6 months. Thank God that all has been well in my pregnancy so far. Cant wait to meet my little princess :)

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