Sunday, May 3, 2009

My name is Sophie

Before Daddy and Mummy found out that I was a girl, they already poured through books and websites to search for a name for me. So by the 5th month, they've already shortlisted a few names.

- Sophie or Chloe if I were a girl
- Bryan or Ian if I were a boy

The reason for these names is because mummy liked the meaning of these names and the associations with these names. Oh and not forgetting that these are more
"current" baby names from my generation :) so I don't follow in mummy's footsteps, heh.

Oh and why these names?
Sophie- means Wisdom
Chloe- means Blooming
Both these names brings to mind a very sweet-natured little girl and what the names mean are traits that Daddy and Mummy hope I grow up with. Mummy personally thinks that these are names for cuties like me too.

In the end, Daddy and Mummy decided that they will name me Sophie Tay so that I'll live up to my name as a young lady of wisdom.

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