Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sophie celebrates her first Chinese New Year

This first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year falls on a Saturday, so Monday and Tuesday were also public holidays. Since it was a long break, we decided to start Sophie on baby cereal as she's already 6 months old. I bought the Bellamy's organic baby rice for her first taste of food besides milk. On Saturday, I started her on two teaspoons mixed with 30ml of breastmilk.

When the spoon was placed in front of her, she licked it cautiously, probably wondering what mummy was feeding her. After a few mouthful she was eager for more!

Trying to pull my hands towards her to get to her food

I'll probably start introducing fruits and vegetables for her to try by this weekend and see what she likes. So conclusion on the start to solids, SUCCESS!

Cleaned up her first bowl of rice cereal

On the first day of CNY, Sophie was all decked out in bright red. Red flower top from Mothercare, pink checkered 3 quarters and red socks that resembles shoes! She throughly enjoyed her going from house to house collecting ang pows and charming everyone with her wide smiles. Though she probably think they're just red pieces of paper, but Daddy is going to deposit all the ang pows she collected into her Mighty Young Saver Account to save up for her university funds.

She really brings joy to so many people and I don't think I'm bias when I say that she's possibly one of the friendliest and cheerful baby. I'm so proud to be her mummy and daddy nods in agreement too.

Family photo

Sophie does a "Hello who called my handphone" pose :)

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