Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sophie at 6.5 months

One of the milestones for Sophie at 6 months was to learn how to sit on her own. She used to sit unassisted for less than 5 seconds before toppling over to one side. What encouraged her to sit longer was probably the bumbo chair as it gave her enough support at the back while still requiring her to support herself. We also gave her more time to 'practice' sitting up on her own by leaning her against the pillow or cushion.

Sophie in her naughty corner

Now she pretty much prefers to sit up instead of lying down as the view is so different. So when she's in the pram she wants to be sitting up and makes sure that we know that when she starts making noise.

Shots of Sophie in the bumbo chair

Smiling for the camera

Sophie is enjoying her food since she started on solids. So far, she has tried fruits like apple, pear, banana and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, broccoli. And yes she's still very anxious when she sees her food and will hurry you to feed her. With the introduction of solids, she's been pooping lesser, with the exception of pear day when she pooped 3 times. Little did I know pears are supposedly good for constipation!

She's also been trying to crawl. But as her arms are now stronger than her legs, she ends up going into "reverse gear", which makes her frustrated when she's getting further rather than nearer where she wants to go. Guess she'll soon master crawling by the 7 month, which is just a week away!

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