Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sophie goes swimming

Been meaning to bring Sophie for a swim since she enjoys her bath very much. When she is in a good mood for her bath, mummy never leaves the bathroom dry as little Sophie will kick her legs and wave her arms excitedly. I call them her torando waves.

So after getting the essentials,

  • swimsuit - check
  • swim diapers - check
  • baby float - check
  • sun block - check
Its off to the pool we go!

Sophie can sit unsupported on the sofa

Sophie doing a dry swim on the sofa

We were afraid that the water might be too cold so we went to Tampines swimming pool at 4pm when the sun was still up but not scorching hot.

Sophie didn't take to her first swim like a duck to water. There was a slight apprehension in her face initially but thankfully no tears. But her reaction was a little milder than I expected. She didn't create her usual torando waves and just splashed about a bit.

So shoik in her baby float!

I'm still convinced that Sophie will be a water baby, so we'll bring her for another swim after Chinese New Year. Maybe she'll like it when she can sit fully unsupported in her baby float.

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